24 October 2014

Birthday Beauty Haul!

I have had quite the birthday this year. I got lots of amazing presents from Mike, my parents, Lilly, and even my friends at work. Rather than show all the amazing stuff I got, I decided just to do a post on the beauty goodies I got. Some of these were presents, some of them I got for free because it was my birthday, and some of them were part of my mini-shopping spree on the day after my birthday.

To start with, here are the beauty goodies that were in the box I got from my family:

I got some Clinique staples from Lilly- Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Moisture Surge Intense Skin Hydrator, Lash Doubling Mascara, Different Lipstick in Angel Red, and of course a super cute make-up bag. My mum sent me a Bath and Body Works pump soap and two samples of Victoria Secret perfume. The perfume Noir Tease has notes of black vanilla, frozen pear, and blooming gardenia. The perfume Fearless has notes of black currant, purple diamond iris, and orris. I'm excited to try them both out.

At Sephora, I bought this awesome liquid liner from the Sephora Collection called Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner 24hr Wear in 08 Eccentric Diva. It is a lovely bright purple color. I haven't worn it yet, but I've tested it on my hand and it does not move once it dries. It's super smudge and waterproof. I'm going to wear it on Saturday I think and see how it does. The birthday gift this year from Sephora was a two piece set from Make Up For Ever.

Inside is the Smoky Extravagant Mascara and Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N9 Copper Pink. Haven't gotten the chance to try either of them just yet, but I'm super excited to. I especially want to see how the mascara compares to the Clinique and Benefit ones I use.

Sally Beauty Supplies had mailed me an amazing $10 of $20 purchase coupon, so I swung by there to stock up on hair dye. I got this whole pile of things for just over 12 dollars!

I got three boxes of Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Color- my tried and true Red, the Fuschia which I've been wanting to try, and I went out on a limb and got Aqua. I have no idea how well the Fuschia or Aqua will go over my natural color, but I was willing to give it a shot. I also decided to get a Beyond the Zone Color Jamz which is another semi-permanent color, because the color Candy Apple Red was on sale (perhaps because they're discontinuing it). I don't know much about it, but figured it was worth trying for under five dollars. I also picked up a minty chapstick and a Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish in Mint that was on sale for $0.99 to make sure I was over the $20 for my coupon. I could not believe how little I had to pay for all of this. I have enough hair dye for months!

The last place I went to get some beauty supplies was good old Target for some e.l.f. products. Mostly it was to stock up on some things I'd run out of, but I also grabbed a few new things to try as well.

The Neutrogena hand cream was something I randomly picked up since it was on clearance for $0.63. I also got two packs of the Shine Eraser blotting sheets as I was completely out. I also got a Clarifying Pressed Powder since they don't always have it in Ivory. The two things I took a chance on was the Tone Correcting Concealer and the Eyelid Primer. I don't have a liquid concealer, so that seemed like a good thing to get, and I'm always willing to try a new, inexpensive eyelid primer. Did I mention that ll the e.l.f. things I got were only a dollar each? I'll report back if I think they're great (or if they turn out to be rubbish).

Some of the other wonderful birthday presents I got were a flask from Mike with the comedy/tragedy masks on it, also from Mike the full set of buttons from Q2Q comics, a super cute hat and scarf from Lilly, a Jack Skellington shirt from Mum and Sir, and a few stuffed animals from Mum and Sir, one of which I've been carrying around and another which the piggies have adopted (it's a doughnut). Like I said, it was quite the awesome birthday and I'm having so much fun trying out all my new goodies.

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