03 November 2013

Outfit of the Day

Yesterday was a balmy sixty-something degrees Fahrenheit, letting me wear a t-shirt and skirt for most of the day, with only a long sleeve top thrown on when I went outside. Today was a different story, as it hovered around forty degrees almost all day.

I had to get all bundled up to go outside. I wore my black coat from Urban Outfitters, my cream and pink scarf from Forever 21, my black and white hat that I can no longer remember when it came from, and (unseen) my new sweater that Mum got me from American Eagle for my birthday. Seems like a lot, but it kept me nice and toasty. I didn't grab mittens, which I regretted a little. But, I really wasn't outside long enough for it to matter.

Underneath all that I wore my new-ish skirt from Charlotte Russe and a black shirt that was a hand-me-down of sorts. It was actually chilly enough in the theater that I did start wearing the scarf inside too. Wasn't quite warm enough to justify the sweater though.

All this cold weather really makes me want to get in gear and knit myself some more hats and gloves. I lost two hats and a pair of gloves last winter and I've already started missing them. I have one hat started, actually, that I'm hoping to get around to finishing soon. It's a lovely, neutral brown that will go with a lot of my clothes. I also have a bunch of yarn from Lauria that's begging to be knit into fun things to wear.


  1. Love the skirt! Btw I gave you that scarf ((:

    1. You and Thomas technically if I remember correctly. For Christmas the year after I got married. :)