20 June 2013

Dandelion Green Smoothie

I went out on a limb today and made a smoothie with dandelion greens. It was actually quite delicious. I may even like it better than the kale. And dandelion greens are just as good for you (if not better!). Here is an article with all the science-y facts. The green smoothies are really growing on me though. I've actually gotten so used to them that when I made a smoothie for Mike and myself the other day it seemed so super sweet (because there is no way he'd let me put green stuff in his). Anyways, here is the concoction I made today:

Dandelion Yogurt Smoothie
~1/2 cup plain yogurt
~1 cup dandelion greens
~1 1/2 orange juice
~1/2 cup frozen strawberries
~1/2 frozen peaches
~1 Tbsp coconut oil

All these measurements are approximate because I just threw things in to get the right consistency and flavor. I had sort of expected to need to add honey to sweeten it, but I found that it was actually okay without any additional sweetener. You could use whatever yogurt you like, I just used what I had. I threw in the coconut oil as it's a good fat and supposed to be good for your skin. One thing I did differently with this smoothie was that I blended the orange juice, yogurt, and dandelion greens really well before I added the frozen fruit. I may do this whenever I make green smoothies as it made the dandelion greens blend into much finer pieces. It was a crazy vivid green before I added the fruit.

Anyways, smoothies are definitely my new favorite breakfast. So darn good for me and very delicious. It was also perfect this morning since I had to run a bunch of errands on my way to work and it was really easy to eat in the car.


  1. I want coconut oillllllllllllll ):

    1. where does one get dandelion greens?

    2. I got them at the big grocery store up the street. They might be harder to find on Maui. I've been buying them off and on for the piggy boys, but this was the first time I'd had them. Probably going to put them in my smoothie again tomorrow. :) Today I made one with almond milk, green tea, and bananas, and I almost couldn't drink it.