19 June 2013

Outfit of the Day and Pinterest

Taking advantage of the dance mirrors in the rehearsal room.
I did not intend to do an 80's throw back outfit for today but, when I got to work today, the 80's quality of what I was wearing was the second thing Maggie said to me after she mentioned how much she liked my skirt. It all started with the bandanna. I had decided last night when I was setting out my clothes that I wanted to wear one since I have second day hair today. I then threw an outfit together around it. And it turned out to be very 80's.

I'm wearing my bright pink bandanna from Lush, a St. Christopher's medal (as always), my Give Peace shirt and jean skirt from Lilly, black leggings from Forever 21, my blue boots, blue knock-off ice watch, and several bracelets from the Swap Meet in Maui.

Yesterday when I got home from work I managed to get a few things done from my checklist. Namely, I finally finished the two items I'd knit during These Shining Lives tech and color coded my work keys. I'll do a separate post on the two knitted things later. I did want to show off my keys though. They have always been color coded, as there are several sets of keys all color coded the same way. However, the color coding was an odd combination of rubber key color coders and faded tape. So, I used the oft pinned trick of painting them with nail polish. Lucky for me, I had polish in all the right colors.

Painting each side and waiting for it to dry.

Isn't it so pretty?
Speaking of Pinterest, a friend of mine pinned an article with recipes for four different green smoothies. I don't generally have all the different fruit in the house that they used (honeydew melon, grapes, blackberries, etc.), but it did give me ideas of a greater variety of greens I could be putting in my smoothies. One of the recipes had kale, which I already use, but two others used spinach and dandelion greens. They're not things I ALWAYS have in the house, but I do have them frequently, certainly frequently enough to throw them in a smoothie occasionally. I made a smoothie for breakfast/second breakfast a lot last week and I think I should start doing that again. They're super filling and make me feel so healthy. And really, it doesn't take that much time to make in the morning.

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