23 June 2013

As seen on Pinterest: Beachy Waves (and a bonus winged liner!)

Beachy waves, artificially made by fancy salt sprays, are definitely having a moment. Recently, I re-pinned from Lilly a DIY spray to make beachy waves. After she tried it and worked out some of the kinks, I decided to give it a go. Here is the pin in question: DIY Beachy Waves. I ended up modifying the recipe slightly (of course, right?) because the spray bottle I had would only hold 6 oz. The recipe I ended up with was:

Salt Spray
1 cup hot water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp hair gel (I used my Royal Spa hair gel)

I mixed it well and then threw it in my spray bottle. Lilly says that she usually puts this on towel dried hair at night, twists it up, and lets it dry until she takes it out the next morning and styles it. I shower in the morning, so what I ended up doing was putting it in right before I went to bed (when I wasn't going to wash my hair in the morning, obviously) and then letting it sit all night.

Application: Like I said, you could put it in towel dried hair or damp hair. Honestly, dry hair would probably work too. I then roughly parted my hair down the middle and worked on one side at a time. I divided each side into three sections. One at a time, I sprayed them and twisted them. As I discovered, make sure to twist the section closest to your face away from your face, otherwise it looks jankity. The rest of the sections can be twisted either way (and you should do both ways throughout as evenly as possible). You can then just pull all three together and put a rubber band in the bottom so that they don't untwist. Next time I think I'm going to twist them into a loose bun so that the ends get a little curled too. Just repeat the twists on the other side. I then slept on them all night. In the morning, after my shower, I blow dried them a tiny bit to make sure they were fully dry. Then I just let it out and ran my fingers through it.

Here are two pictures, one from the beginning of the day and one from near the end of the day.

Before seven hours of rehearsal

Before show call
I also had decided to do winged liner because I knew it was a really long day and I wanted something special. Instead of the e.l.f. one that I've been using, I tried out my NYC one. I discovered that it actually had a subtle sparkle to it, which was kinda fun. One thing I did notice was that it didn't last the day quite as well. I touched-up with some black shadow after rehearsal/before the show .

Nice and fresh first thing in the morning.
I'm really loving winged liner right now. I did it again today (I'll blog it later!)

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