28 July 2013

LUSH gift and products I'm excited about

Little Green Bag of goodies
Tomorrow is the last show of Marvelous Wondrettes, which means it is also the last day Maggie and I will be working together for the foreseeable future. Well, today during show call, she surprised me by leaving me a present in the laundry room with the creepy doll (long story). Well, it was a delightful bunch of goodies from LUSH and I am super duper excited to use them all.

Like the LUSH gift that Gerry gave us at Christmas, it all came in a delightful little handkerchief, which I am sure I will wear in no time at all. Inside the tin (which is so useful!) is a shampoo bar called Squeaky Green. This is the thing I'm probably most excited about. I've been wanting to try one of LUSH's shampoo bars forever, but just have never gotten around to purchasing one. This seems like one that is perfect for me too. The website describes it saying, "Squeaky green is our herbal shampoo for oily locks and stressed out scalps. Stimulating rosemary and peppermint and antibacterial tea tree keep dandruff away by cleansing the scalp and hair. Soothing vanilla and chamomile further calm any irritations and itchiness." So yeah, perfect. The other green item is a Sugar Scrub, which is exactly what you'd think it is! Given how much I've been loving my Oatmeal Scrub, I think I will really enjoy using this. The soap included, Sexy Peel Soap, is citrusy and positively delicious smelling. I'm definitely thinking about abandoning the soap I'm currently using so I can start using this asap! The last thing in the best bundle ever is the Each Peach massage bar. I will probably never get around to using this as a massage bar, but you can bet I'll be using it as a moisturizer.

Maggie said it took her an hour and three sales associates to decide what to get, but let me tell you, she picked the absolutely perfect thing! There is not a single one of the things in the package that I'm not really excited to use. Speaking of which, out of my last LUSH bundle, I've already used up one of the soaps and over half of the Honey Trap lip balm and Charity Pot (as well as wearing the handkerchief several times!).

In other news, Mike got a really great deal on a couple of portable chargers for us that came in the mail today. They're little power banks that you charge at home, and then can use to charge your phone (or whatever) on the go. We're really excited because there are lots of times when we need to charge our phones (mostly while working/commuting) and there is just not source of power readily available.

Shameless crosspost, Pixiwoo just recently blogged about Chanel's new collection "Superstition." I just love all the colors in it and wish I had a much larger beauty budget. On the low budget end, I've been wanting to try Maybelline's Baby Lips, and this post has totally convinced me that they're the best thing ever and that I should definitely go out and get one (or twelve).


  1. Tell me how you like Baby Lips!!! I never ended up trying it.

  2. I think you have the wrong link for the baby lips post