16 July 2013

Mini haul!

Mike needed some new glasses, so today the two of us headed on up to the mall in Nashua, NH. Of course, I couldn't help but get a few things while we were there.
So delightful.

First, I stopped by Bath and Body Works and learned some sad, sad news. One of my all-time favorite scents is Midnight Pomegranate, so much so that it's one of the body sprays I wear almost every day. Well, turns out that they're discontinuing it. :( The only good part about this is that all the products were 75% off. So, I stocked up and got the Body Cream, Body Lotion, and Fragrance Mist. The lady working there said it'll probably be around and on clearance through Christmas, so I may end up getting more at a later date.

Classy dressing room selfie.
The other store I purchased something at was Charlotte Russe. I could have bought so many things there. I seriously walked in and wanted one of everything I saw. In the end, I decided to get this really cute skirt that was only $15. It is light, breezy, and fun enough to wear whenever, but its length also makes it appropriate for work, which is exciting. The cute crop top I'm wearing in the photo I did not get, because it cost as much as the skirt and isn't nearly as versatile or work appropriate. I really, really loved this outfit though.

Out on the balcony hanging laundry.
And since Mike was getting a pair of glasses and sunglasses, it only seemed fair that I get some sunnies too! Although mine were significantly cheaper at only $3. My white ones have been dying and these were so awesome and such a bargain that I couldn't pass it up.

I also ordered some things online Monday which I can't wait to get here. I got some more of my favorite deodorant, Lemongrass Pit Putty with Baking Soda, from Bubble and Bee, as well as some more henna dye from Henna Color Lab, this time in Wine Red.


  1. You look really skinny. I like the skirt!!

    1. Thanks! It's because it accentuates my natural waist, which is actually pretty small, rather than my giant birthing hips. I'm seriously considering buying or making a black crop top to recreate this look.