23 July 2013

Three different summer inspired hairstyles

Weird blue color to it, but I loved my hair!
This has been a hot hot hot summer and it has resulted in me trying out a few new things with my hair. Usually, I wash my hair in the morning but given how hot and sweaty I've been getting during the day, I've found it nice to take a shower in the morning instead, especially if I'm getting up really early the next day. I don't like going to bed with wet hair, though, so I decided to try and do the twists in my hair to keep it out of the way. All I did was put some aloe vera gel in it as usual and then put it into six different twists. I also twisted my bangs out of the way so that they'd go where they're supposed to. And it came out quite good, I have to say.

I spent a lot of the day working in the heat- ew!
About a week later, I tried to do the same thing, but when I woke up the next morning, I had to got to a very early meeting at a very hot school and didn't really want my hair down. So, I left the twists in and simply braided them into pigtails. Not the best picture I've ever taken, but so many people commented on me wearing pigtails, that I had to document it. I actually liked them better than when I usually try and make pigtails, because the twists help give it that messy look, so it's something I may do again.

Just show call, so I got to dress a little cuter.
The day after I wore the pigtails with the twists in them all day, I pulled out my hair and it had crazy volume. However, my roots were a bit greasy from being hot and sweaty the day before and it was still too hot to want my hair down. So I thew it into a high messy pony tail and put a black scarf on. It ended up looking super cute and was a great hairstyle for being at work.

I really want to cut my hair again, but I have to say, I've been having fun with my hair this length. It's pretty versatile because there's enough of it to put up, but there's not too much of it to wear down. I may hold off cutting it for a little while longer.


  1. This post should be called "Two different summer inspired hairstyles and one Lilly inspired hairstyle."

    1. Hahaha. Well I already did a post about how I got the twists from you. :)

  2. Haha ya. I really like the black outfit in this post.