23 July 2013

Knitting update!

This is another long overdue post to update you all on my knitting projects. Turns out rehearsals and shows are a great time to get some knitting done. The long term project I'm working on right now, which isn't even that big of a project, is a hat to replace one of the many I lost last winter. I'm making it out of a gorgeous wool-alpaca blend. Oh! One super exciting update in my knitting world. I helped Lauria out with a Juniper Moon photo shoot and she paid me in gorgeous, gorgeous yarn.

Gorgeous light green-blue color.
Fantastic blue color.
It is their Herriot yarn (100% baby alpaca) in two of their new, as yet unreleased, colors. I haven't decided what to make with it yet, but I'm super excited to wear whatever it ends up being because it is so darn soft!

Anyways, back to the things I've actually finished! These were two things I made quite a while ago out of some of the leftover yarn from the clothespin bag that I made Mum. One of them is a little pouch to keep tea in. I've discovered that if you try and keep bags of tea in your bag, they fall apart. So, of course, someone designed a little pouch to keep them in. The other is a cuff. It didn't come out as cool as the original was, I think in part because the variegated pattern obscures the fabric. They were both fun, quick, little projects though. [Link to the patterns under the pictures]

Tea Tote
The rest of the things I made were all gifts. I made two more bibs- one for Parker's birthday and one for Caitlin's baby. The one I made for Parker I made a bit bigger upon request from Lilly. Caitlin's I made to the pattern size since she'll have a newborn. The original pattern (which I've used four times now) is here on Ravelry.

Cutiest cutie pants wearing his new bib.
Lovely gender-neutral color for Caitlin.

The other gift I made was a produce bag for Sir. I liked how it came out so much that I really want to make one for myself! Here's a photo I took of it before I sent it off to him for Father's Day.

Produce bag
And that's what is going on in Rachel's world of knitting!

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