15 April 2010

Weddings and Arcadia

Wedding first- I finally ordered my invites today!!! So exciting. I also have a prospective cake person and a prospective suit place. I didn't think I cared about the cake, but I have been watching to much wedding porn and I've started to care a bit. I found a great place though that seems reasonably priced and will give me a simple, but elegant cake. The photographer and flower lady have been confirmed. Now I just need to work out what flowers I want. :) Two of my four bridesmaids have their dresses and they fit (Alden and Lilly). Biggest order of business is to find an officiant. Now if I could only be this productive in job hunting...

Which reminds me- Mike's mom told me about an opening at her school in the drama and english departments. Don't really know any details, but it's definitely intriguing. Certainly would pay more than any internship I could get.

Finally, the reason I actually wanted to write today, is that I saw the Dramat's production of Arcadia. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Some of the accents were a bit dismal **cough** miles **cough**, but overall it was nice. I mean, it's such a great show that it's pretty hard to screw up. Set wise it was fairly standard for Arcadia, though the very American doors, and atrocious green accent paint bothered me a bit. For the last moment though, they imbeded some "stars" (they were christmas lights poked through holes) into the walls to complete the image with the star drop in the back, which was very pretty. One thing they didn't do which I had really liked from the London production, was that they didn't keep only one copy of the various books and papers that are central. They had two of everything which was kinda odd. I much preffered the one that ingeniously changed hands when it needed to. The music was a bit too loud for my taste, and I wish there had been more variety in their accents (cause they were pretty much all just posh Londonish ones). But like I said, it was certainly enjoyable and I'm glad I made myself go.


  1. sturm since when have you had a blog? I found this by googling dramat arcadia.

    love, Gary

  2. well, i had one in London, and then I started this one spring break.
    why were you googling dramat arcadie?