11 April 2010

Crate and Barrel

So this morning, Mike and I went to a "Wedding Party" at the Crate and Barrel in the Providence Place Mall. It was before the store is normally open, so it was just couples who were going to register there. They had orange juice, mimosas, coffee, and some pastries. One of the ladies gave us a long talk about creating our registy, and then they gave us one of those gun scanner thingies. It was supper fun! We picked out lots of fun, random things, like our pots (Calphlon!), water glasses (they're like nice pint glasses), and a super awesome knife. On top of it just being super fun, they gave us a really nice pair of kitchen scissors and a set of heart shaped champagne flutes as a thank you gift. It was so much fun, cause the whole experience was like shopping, but without the guilt of spending money. It's really motivated me to finish my JC Penny registry now, which is good, because I should be sending out my invitations soon.

Now I just have to get motivated to do everything else in my life that needs doing....

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