15 April 2010

Fellows Dinner

So Alden and Bobby convinced me to go to the JE Fellows Dinner tonight and I'm really glad they did. Fellows Dinners are a couple times a month I think, and each time a few seniors are allowed to attend. It a bit better food than the dining hall, with drinks, and great desserts. The cheese they had with drinks was superb. I mostly just talked to Alden and her dad. During dessert, Penny had any newcomers introduce themselves, which included me. Alden made sure I told them ALL about the wedding. We talked to Penny and a pre-frosh for a little bit. Near the end, we talked to Will and two fellows, one of whom was an older Australian gentleman who knew a lot about alcohol. He asked me all sorts of questions, and thought it was "very sensible" of me to be having the wedding in the morning for financial reasons. He even told his wife and she thought is was "very sensible" too, and said it boded well for my fiance. I can't explain really why it was so fun, but it was. Totally worth missing Bones for. It's one of those very "Yale" experiences that I'm trying to get my fill of before I have to leave.

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