04 April 2010


So I royally suck at blogging while I'm in tech. You can blame Gary. I really shouldn't even be blogging now, seeing as it is 4:12am and I'm supposed to be up and ready to go at 10:30am for Easter brunch with Alden's family. But I'm kinda hyped up from strike and our mini party.

Also, I apparently have some tolerance for alcohol. I ate a sandwich with Gary, and then had two shots of jack and a glass of champagne over two hours and feel NOTHING. My face was a little flushed at one point, but I think that was just because I was hot.

I will be better. I promise.

Lovely weather we've been having.


  1. I AM IN THIS POST. hehe. our post-strike mini-party was pretty epic. I loved it, it was perfect. ps. two shots of jack and a glass of champagne ain't that much, dear.

  2. haha. yes you are. and yes, i now realize that is not very much at all.