18 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I had a really fun St. Patrick's Day yesterday. We slept in and then had a nice breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Then we lazed about watching the CSI marathon on Spike while I started boiling the water for the corn beef and cabbage. Once the corn beef was in the pot with some spices (bay leaf, pepper corn, and thyme) I went on a walk to the cemetery. Dinner turned out great, and Sarah was home, so she ate with us. I also made brownies for dessert. After dinner we watched Dr Who: Waters of Mars, which was excellent, but annoying because it was like having one chocolate and then sealing the box so we couldn't eat any more. Then I had to design a phone booth for the show I'm set designing.
On the whole, mostly unproductive aside from making my first real holiday dinner, but deliciously so.

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