11 March 2010

Greenwood Cemetery

Today I decided I needed to go on a walk because my pudge was looming threateningly around my middle now that I've been at Mike's for almost a week. See, the problem is, he feeds me really well and I never go anywhere, so I'm getting more food and less exercise. So, I google mapped his house to try and find a route that would take me between 30 and 45 minutes to walk at a brisk pace. Turns out there is a cemetery about 10 minutes away. My mom LOVES walking around old cemeteries, which is a little creepy, but whatevs. I mapped out a more roundabout route and took off. I got there without incident, and it was a nice walk because it's fairly hilly so there was some uphill bits and some down hill bits. I walked around the cemetery for about 10 minutes. It was interesting because while there were some old gravestones, there were also a lot of more recent ones. It was also interesting because there were a lot of family plots, more than I have seen in most cemeteries I've visited. In order to get into the cemetery, I had climbed over a short rock wall. Not wanting to leave in the same sketching manner, I decided to leave through the back corner which joined up to a street with just some grass and no wall. (The main entrance opened onto the busy street that I wanted to avoid if possible.) So I left the cemetery, but the road didn't hit the one I'd originally come on, so I just had to walk and make guesses as streets ended, hoping that I'd eventually get back to somewhere I knew. Luckily, I was able to keep in my mind where I was in relation so the cemetery, so I eventually got back to one of the streets I'd come on. It was fairly uneventful after that. As much as mum would have liked the cemetery, she would not have liked all the dogs I saw on the way. There were even a couple that were leashed with very thin rope that even I was a little worried would break.
Note for the future though: bring Kleenex so I don't use my sleeve again and cover my ears with something so they don't get cold and ache again. I'm thinking of going to Walmart and buying some knitting needles and yarn and knitting one of those bands that goes around your ears. I feel like a hat would just be too warm for walking.
I posted a couple random pics I took while I was walking on Facebook.

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