04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

It is a GORGEOUS Easter Sunday. I got up this morning (after very little sleep) and met Alden, Alessia, and Will so we could go to Alden's parents for brunch. They had quite a spread. Scones, coffee cake, pizzelles strawberries, pinapple, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, egg cups (more about those in a second), lox and bagels, ham, and i'm sure a few other things I'm forgetting. It was all amazingly delicious. The egg cups were super cool. What she did was put thin slices of ham in a muffin tin almost like they were the papers, and then cracked eggs into them and baked it til the eggs were just a little past runny. It was almost like a poached egg in ham. It was SO good. I'd never had pizzelles before and they were quite delicious too, especially with the strawberries.

I was just commenting to Alden that it is a little absurd to be writing an entire blog about brunch, but we're both secretly fatties. I will start exercising more now that tech is over.

We're going to go sit outside in the glorious sun now though. I may try to take a nap. Oren wants me to come help with tech, and I may come later when the sun has gone down. I really don't want to waste the nice weather while it's here. Also, goal is to get lots of job and wedding stuff done tonight.

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