10 March 2013

Outfit of [last Tues]Day

This past week I started rehearsals for New England Conservatory's La Gazzetta (which I'm ASMing) as well as prepped for tech of An Ideal Husband (which I'm Props Master for). I only got three hours of sleep Friday night- not fun. I made up for it, though, by sleeping almost 16 hours yesterday/last night. As a result, I haven't blogged all week. I did take a blog worthy photo on Tuesday however, which I figured I could throw up today.

I just noticed that this photo make me look short and stocky.
I am wearing:
My favorite blue boots I got from Payless several years ago.
My tan trench from Ross (it was a steal and I'm always getting compliments on it).
The Ravenclaw scarf Maureen got me from Harry Potter World in Orlando.
A grey t-shirt from Forever 21.
An off-white sweater from Wet Seal.
Tweed-ish shorts that were Lilly hand-me-ups, originally from Forever 21.
Grey leggins/tights from Forever 21.
Thigh high blue socks (can't remember where I got them).
And you can't see my blue and brown striped tie belt from Goodwill.

Because it is so darn hot in the rehearsal room, I took off the jacket and sweater for all of rehearsal. Forgot to take a picture like that though. This was definitely the outfit I put the most effort into last week. The rest of the week I pretty much just wore my "uniform"- jeans, chucks, a t-shirt, and a fun sweater.


  1. Your hair grows sooooo fast!

    1. Yeah...I feel bad because I know a lot of people have trouble growing their hair, but I find it more annoying than anything else. Does make it easy to change my hairstyle though!

  2. Ya I wish mine grew as fast as yours!!