25 June 2013

Outfit (and Make-up Look) of the the Day!

I will freely admit that this is not today's outfit, but I didn't have time to post it on Sunday when I wore it, or yesterday, because I got entirely too busy in my brief time off. However, I was too excited about it not to post it eventually. I had a lot of fun with what I wore and with my make-up on Sunday and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

I was wearing my black jumper, hipster scarf, and my brown, wedge sandals. It was very hot out, which made it the perfect outfit, EXCEPT that it was very cold inside the rehearsal room, so I ended up wearing a big sweater over it most of the day.

My make-up look was another adventure in winged eye liner.

The star of this look was my favorite liquid liner from e.l.f., the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Gold Rush 65, and my new Maybelline Rocket Mascara. I've been dying to try the Color Tattoo shadows and I happened to get my hands on one this weekend so I wanted to use it as soon as possible. As you can see from my tray, I used a LOT of stuff for this look. I'm not going to list it all, because it would be a very long list, but I'll sort of fly over what I did.

The wings were even, the camera angle makes them look wonky.
First I did my face powder as usual. For my eyes I put down a smidge of my e.l.f. cream shadow, with the Color Tattoo over that. On top of that I packed on my wet n wild gold powder eye shadow and some lighter colors for highlight. Then I drew in a very subtle winged liner. I just wanted a very small wing to help define the eye. I then threw a little khol liner on my bottom lash line. Finally I used the Rocket Mascara. I had meant to do my brows, but I may have forgotten to do them. On my face I used an e.l.f cream blush, with my favorite Physician's Formula blush over top of that, and a little highlight and contour. On my lips I used my new NYC lip stain (it's a lovely orange, can't remember the name or number off the top of my head though). I then set everything with a little bit of loose powder.

Bright eyed
Funny thing was, I took so much time with my outfit and make-up, I had no time left for my hair and ended up just leaving it in a pony tail with my bangs pinned back.

I really loved how the gold ended up looking, because it was just the tiniest bit sparkly when my eyes were open and then caught the light whenever I blinked. And I really, really liked how the small wing worked out. It almost just made my lashes look longer and fuller in the corners. I haven't used fake lashes since high school, but it did make me think twice about using the little wispy ones in the corners.

All in all, it is definitely something I think I'll do again in the future. I loved the small wing and will probably start doing that frequently. And I was also quite please with the Color Tattoo. It had a really nice color pay-off, it lasted almost all day (16 hours) without moving at all (and when it did, it was just that it fled out of the crease a bit), and was just so pretty!

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