27 October 2014

Halloween Shopping

As usual, I did the grocery shopping today since it was my day off. I also had to pick up a couple things for the theatre. And, since it is Halloween, I also picked up some supplies for the holiday.

I got these little guys at Walmart. I usually make cookies around Halloween for the cast, but I only have three fall themed cookie cutters, and they're on the large size. These are a much better size, though I have a feeling the bird will be more trouble than it's worth.

Lashes, chalk, and white cream, oh my!
The little lip balm and hair chalk I got at Sally Beauty Supply on clearance for less than a dollar each. The lashes, white cream make-up, and the foundation brush I picked up at Walmart. I was ecstatic to see that Walmart is now carrying e.l.f. products- it makes my life so much easier! I also was excited to see the cute lashes they had. My plan is to do at least two looks for Halloween this year, a less extreme version for Wednesday and then a full out look for Thursday. There's a costume contest before the show, so I'll fit right in. I haven't decided what I'm doing for the actual day of Halloween yet, but even if I just stay home, I'll probably do something fun just because.

Lastly, when I got home, I discovered my order from Payless had come in. I've been in desperate need of a pair of black pumps and a nice pair of brown shoes I could wear to work. I got both of these on sale using my birthday money from Bamma.

Black shoes are these and the brown ones are these.
I think the brown ones will be part of my costume for Thursday. Haven't decided what shoes I'm wearing on Wednesday yet.

I also got a wig and a dress from Savers and a crafty item from Michaels for my Thursday costume. But I'll wait to share those until the look is all put together!

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