16 May 2010

Update: T minus 31

Finals whipped my a$$, so I totally forgot about blogging. And last week I had fun doing absolutely nothing at all. I actually realized when I got back into New Haven today that I'm gonna be sorta bored all this week, so I ran to the library before it closed to get The Count of Monte Cristo. I also have a lot of tv on Hulu to watch. I got super behind on the shows I watch during finals.

So, wedding update-
We've started getting wedding presents! The first one was the wooden salad bowl from Aunt Margie. I was super excited about it. Then a couple days ago, a whole package of rescue tape showed up in Maui! I knew Reed had something to do about it. Turns out he and Ashley pitched in to get it for me in time for the wedding. It's this AWESOME super tape that can do ANYTHING. There are also some things that have started to sell on Crate and Barrel that we haven't got yet either. There are going to be so many thank you's to write!
We used to have someone to do the flowers, Paulette, but it turns out that she can't do it after all, so I'm scrambling to find someone who can do it within our budget.
Still looking for someone to do the cake/cupcakes. Lilly is helping me with that though, so I'm less worried about it.
I'm also failing at my diet. My resolution is to exercise this week since I'm not doing anything else, and I'm hoping the fact that I have to feed myself will also mean that I'm eating less. We'll see, but so far it doesn't look like my pudge is going anywhere. I cooked WAY too well last week. I made us home-maid pizza, a sausage/pasta casserole, and cinnamon rolls. That is all pudge-making. But oh well. I like food, and Mike likes my pudge, so I guess it works out.

In job news, I got a call to come in for an interview with Rocky Hill! Hopefully they'll let me come in next week when I'm there, but it's possible that I'll have to take a train into Prov sometime this week. It's do-able, but it'd suck. I'm not 100% I want to teach next year, but it'd be a job, and then at least one of us would have a well paying job for next year.

I'm currently watching horrible tv, so I'm gonna go back to that...

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