02 June 2010

Wedding Preperations from Maui

Again I fail at keeping up, but graduation was CRAZY. Thomas, Lilly, Mum, and Daddy all came and were staying in my room. All the ceremonies were super fun and very Yale-y. I'm definitely going to miss it, even though I know it's time to move on.

I'm in Maui though, and I've been doing a great job of getting the details taken care of that I neglected because of graduation. Yesterday, I met with Pandora, who is going to do my cake. It is going to be three tiered with butter cream; the bottom will be chocolate and the middle and top will be lemon. It's going to be frosted white, with blue ribbon and frosting pearls around the bottom of each layer. She's then going to make a big bow out of the same ribbon, and cascade the ends down the sides of the cake. Then there's going to be a few white orchids on it to finish it off.

We also went to Ross yesterday and I got the CUTEST white dress for the after-reception. (The after-reception is when everyone is invited back to our house for drinks.) I also got a really cute, green bubble dress for the rehearsal dinner. And finally, I managed to find some shoes for the wedding. I have to try them on with the dress though, cause there's the possibility that they're too tall. But I hope not, cause they're super cute.

Lilly also called Maui Lani and made our reservation for the rehearsal dinner. I called the flower lady and left a message. I'm hoping to get the flowers squared away today since it is now officially two weeks until the wedding! Once I get the flowers pinned down though, it's mostly just details from there. :)

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