06 June 2010


So, we finally got the flowers all tied up. I got the main order from a lady in Kihei, and we also found a guy we can get orchids from for the centerpieces. He's even gonna wrap them in white paper with a ribbon. The main order divided up weird, so Henry and Daddy ended up paying half each, which Daddy was happy about. I'm just glad that it's all taken care of.

I also finally tried on my dress (first time since I bought it). It still fits, which is the most important part. I put on the shoes we bought at Ross which were strappy, silver, and gorgeous, but they're too high. So I'm gonna wear these silver flats with pearls on them instead. It'll be nice cause it'll be much more comfortable, and I for sure won't be too tall. Mum then decided that she wanted my old shoes instead of hers.

I think those are most of the big developments of late. We planned my bridal shower and sent out invites for that. We also planned out stuff to do while everyone is here (meals included!). I've also finally been getting some sun, but I still probably won't actually be "tan" for the wedding. Too white. I'm just really excited for everyone to get here (especially Mike) and to finally have the wedding. :)

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