06 September 2011

East Coast Escapades Part I: Reed and Rachel's Wedding

In the wake of the disaster (not) of Irene, I got to spend my Labor Day weekend doing something fun and frivolous- attending a wedding! Reed Abrahamson and Rachel Hansen's wedding to be precise. They had the wedding at The Lodge at Little Seneca Creek, a nice little place in a "wooded parkland" in Maryland about an hour out of downtown DC. This meant that Saturday night and Sunday morning I had quite a bit of driving to do, accompanied by Jim Dale reading the 6th Harry Potter. But the drive was definitely worth it, and not just because of the nice pit stop at Henry and Joanne's where I was treated to sticky rolls and zucchini bread- yum!

The wedding was very pretty. Their colors were yellow (mainly all the gerber daisies), blue (thistles and girl's dresses), and red (ties and more daisies). It was rustic but chic. Rachel's dress was mermaid style, with pretty beading along the bodice. Both her and Reed wore cowboy boots. Their rings had been made by a craftsman from Oregon (if I remember correctly), and Reed's was white gold while Rachel's was platinum, just like me and Mike.

The actual ceremony was outside on the grass. The chuppah was simple and pretty, with vines curling up the side. The ketubah, the marriage contract, was also very beautiful. Though, I have to say, the rabbi was one of the best parts about the whole thing. He was so lighthearted, though still maintaining the appropriate sense of gravitas due a wedding. For all of the songs during the ceremony, he played his guitar as the accompaniment and was infectiously genial and happy the entire time. It was cute to see Reed and Rachel whispering to each other throughout the ceremony while they looked distinctly happy and just a bit awkward to be under such scrutiny.

The reception was fun too. I sat at what we referred to as "the kids table," though it was really a dramat table of people without dates (Mike had to work so I was alone). While I don't know who they invited, I ended up being the only '10er and youngest of all the Yale and Dramat peeps as far as I could tell, except Zach (Reed's brother). It was odd in that I didn't have quite the same history that everyone else did with Reed, but also nice to know that despite only having been at Yale with him for 2 years, we'd shed enough blood, sweat, and tears to care about the next stage in each others lives.

It was also nice to find that while we all seem happy with out current lot, what we Yalies have been doing since we graduated is quite a mixed bag and not all what you'd expect. Some of the highlights from the people I talked to were as follows: Susie is writing two novels and a play, Liam is in a band called "Dinowalrus," Eve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Katie is bar tending, Anya is the harvest manager at a farm near Boston, and Reed, of course, is at law school. Definitely made me feel better about the fact that I'm doing something totally random, but most of the time enjoyable, at least for now.

All-in-all, it was a very fun wedding and it was good to catch up with so many people I hadn't seen in a very long time.

Edit to add: I forgot to mention that their song was "Home" by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros which I though was very cute and fitting.

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