24 August 2014

Annual Maui Pedicure

I thought I had posted this on my way back from Maui, but it turns out that it didn't upload from my phone. Every time I go to Maui, me and Mum go get pedicures. She has a girl she always goes to, named Mimi, who recently moved shops. Like, really recently. The walls hadn't all been repainted, some of the chairs were still in plastic wrap, and not everything was all set up yet. It's not even 100% clear what their name is- they were calling it Beautiful Nails, but the sign says Pro Nails, and so did the receipt. In any case, they're located at 737 Lower Main Street in Wailuku and they were really excellent pedicures! Mimi was great for Mum, as always, and the ladies who did mine were excellent as well (an older lady did the bulk of the pedicure and then a younger girl took over for the painting and nail art.) Mum asked for lots of sparkles and rhinestones, and boy did she get it! I told the girl who did mine to do whatever design she wanted and the result was so awesome! Here are mine and Mum's toes together:

Mum's tanned, sparkly toes and my white, flowery ones.
Here's a close-up of my toes:

Flower on my big toe and little designs on my other toes.
It was so much fun to watch her work. She started with the white and did the flower and the curlicues. Then she added the pink onto the flower and placed the rhinestone. Lastly, she added the little dots and did the lines on all the smaller toes. It was one of the best pedicures I've ever gotten!

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