15 February 2012

At last! Organization.

I've always been fond of make-up, as I feel that it is like personal art. Some people don't make much of a statement with it, but it truly can be an expression of you and how you're feeling. I love doing lots of fun and crazy things with eye make-up. Because of Lilly's job at Clinique, I got some better quality make-up recently and got back into really playing around with my make-up. That, plus discovering Kandee's blog and youtube channel, inspired me to reorganize my make-up to make it easier to use and encourage me to branch out day to day. Up until a week ago, I kept all the make-up I used most in this bag:

On the right was all the eye shadow and colored eye pencils, and everything else was on the right. I had another make-up bag that held the stuff I hardly ever used. This worked out great for traveling, or when I used to not be able to do my make-up in the bathroom (college, living at Maureen's, etc.). But after seeing one of Kandee's videos where she talked about how she organized her stuff when she was doing a tutorial, I realized I needed to do an overhaul. Meet the new and improved make-up storage:

I have a jar for implements, one for eye liner, one for mascara, and one for lipstick. Some of the extra stuff is in little Clinique bags. Then all my eyeshadow, foundation, and blush etc. are in the rectangular containers. Soon I'm going to get a nice glass jar for the cotton balls. Irony is, I've been sick and off-work the past couple days so I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm still very excited about it. :) It looks much prettier and I'm hoping it will be much easier to find/use everything when it's set up this way.

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