23 February 2012

5 Loads of Laundry and a Chrstimas Tree!

I was pleasantly productive yesterday and part of today. I got five, yes five!, loads of laundry done yesterday. Three were human laundry and two were piggy laundry, per usual. This of course meant that I also cleaned their cage, vacuumed, etc. Today I cleaned the bathroom (and got all the shelves super white!) and the humidifier. The humidifier was DISGUSTING. Tons of build-up. I think I haven't cleaned it since we moved here, and the water here tends to have more gunk in it than the water did at Maureen's. Which resulted in a lot of ew.

The other thing we did yesterday was finally get rid of the Christmas Tree. I know, I know, it's almost March, but we just hadn't gotten rid of it yet! We missed the curbside tree pick-ups (and would have had to take all the tinsel off- no thanks!) so we figured we'd just throw it in the dumpster for the apartment. But, we knew it was going to be really annoying to get it out of the apartment. And it was. We got pine needles EVERYWHERE. In the spare room, in the kitchen, on the stove, in the building's spare room, in the downstairs hall, on the stairs, in the upstairs hall, and in the vestibule. So then once we crammed the tree into the dumpster we had to go back and sweep up/vacuum all the common spaces. And then all of our spaces. And then pick the pine needles up off the stove. It was a lot of fun. Um, not. But it smells like pine everywhere now!

In other news, someone in the building got Indian food last night and it really made me want Indian food. :(

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