02 March 2012

Work, work, and more work

Mike and I have had a crazy last few days. Friday, Saturday, Sunday I had my regular shifts at PetSmart being a bather. Very messy days to put it delicately. And then Monday, I not only had my regular 6am-12pm stocking shift, I then drove out to Newport to help Mike et al load in a show for Island Moving Company at Rosecliff. We were there until after 9pm. Tuesday, I went out there again to lend a hand, followed by inventory Tuesday night. And of course, inventory ended up being one of those really long ones and we were there until just after 5am. Whew. Then I slept a lot. :)

Yesterday was all about applying for different jobs. First, I had to get in my app for Theater at Monmouth's summer internship program. They don't pay much/at all, but it seems like a really wonderful theater that I'd be able to learn a ton from. But of course their application deadline was March 1st, the day after all the crazy workness, so I had to hustle last night to get it done. Also last night, I had to fix up my non-theater resume for Rocky Hill. Apparently one of English teachers left mid-year and they need to replace her. All her classes have been picked up by various faculty, but the ones covering her two American Lit classes can't keep doing it and they need someone who can come in and just do those two classes. So they asked Maureen if I'd be interested, seeing as they've already interviewed me once for basically that job. It's a good way to see if it's something I'd actually like doing and a sort of on the job interview for a possible position next year. But we'll see, she had me send her my resume and I haven't heard anything since. No idea if they put feelers out to other people, how much they'll pay, etc. I'm very nervous about it since it's not like anything I've ever done before, but that's not a bad thing. And, depending on how it goes, it'd let me drop some of my hours at PetSmart and open up more time for theater, which is definitely a good thing.

So yes. The past week has been all about WORK! And now I should really be applying to more summer stock, but I need a break! Just one night maybe?

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