15 March 2012

In which I take a walk.

I've been feeling rather sluggish and out of shape recently, and since the weather has been nicer, I decided to go on a walk yesterday. Roger Williams Park being close, that is of course where I chose to walk. However, instead of the normal way I get there (down Elmwood Ave. to the main entrance) I decided to get there by going down Park St. and in the back of the park. The problem being, I didn't actually bother to look at a map before I left home and so I had no idea where the park actually intersected with the street. At one point, I started wandering off down the side of Route 10- not a good idea! Luckily, I had my very smart phone with me and I google mapped myself. I was able to figure out how to get to the park and was able to take quite a nice stroll (stroll is misleading- I walked quite fast so as to sweat and get my heart rate up). I took this picture about a third of the way through my walk.

I also took a more "artsy" photo of my shadow as I was walking, but the angle of the sun etc. made me look like I had huge hips/legs and a tiny upper body/head. Not pleasant. So I decided not to put that one up on the interwebs.

After consulting my phone a few more times, I was able to find my way north through the park and to the main entrance. I then went home along Elmwood (all uphill unfortunately). It was a nice walk all in all and I hope to continue to take more of them. Today is back to being cold, though, and it is much harder to motivate myself to go on walks when it's below 50 degrees out. :( The other downside of my walk was that I had a very early, labor intensive work day today, so now my body is all tired and sore. But I guess that's sorta the point. I'm a weakling right now and I need to get back in shape so that if I do end up working summer stock I can actually pull my weight without feeling like I'm going to die.

In other news, it's a no go on the Rocky Hill job. According to Maureen, "they just hired the first person they could," and apparently that wasn't me. :(

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