20 March 2012

After watching so many of Kandee's videos where she uses contouring, I decided I needed to get myself a darker "bronzing" powder to contour with, since I already have lots of options for blush and highlights. I poked around a bit and realized that one of the drugstore brands she was advocating called e.l.f was wicked cheap and sold at Target. I also discovered that they sold the Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub I've been planning on buying for less than Wal-mart. So it was off the Target yesterday after work!

I got a couple random things, like a reusable bag that fits nicely in my purse and a little blue, tin bucket to put my cotton balls in. I also got this ADORABLE teal watch that tragically is just a little too small when I took it out of the packaging, so I'm going to have to return it. :(

And of course I got the amazing Citrus Scrub which smells like Christmas when you're using it!

As far as make-up, I splurged on a navy blue eyeliner from Rimmel London because a) I had a coupon and b) my old blue pencil is being really wonky and unusable. Then I had fun in the e.l.f section and got a black liquid liner, cream blush, and a dark powder for contouring. I've been meaning to get a liquid liner, since I feel like it's a staple I should probably have and it's also much easier to do winged liner with, which I've been dying to try out. A cream blush is also something I've been toying with the idea of getting, and it's triple the fun, because you can use it on your eyes and lips too. I may end up using it mostly for a highlighter though as I got a very pale color. I agonized forever about which powder to get, because I wanted to make sure it was dark enough to make a difference, but not so dark that it shouted, "Rachel's trying to contour!!!"

The two things I didn't get which I'm going to go back for is a set of brushes and one of their cream eye shadows. I was torn on which color to get of the eye shadow when I was there, but after looking at the colors from the convenience of my computer, I've settled on pewter. As to the brushes, I was initially going to buy the set, but it's out of stock, so I'm going to have to buy them separately and that took more sitting in front of the computer.

It was a great day for make-up, though I'm still tragically sad about the watch being a bust because it is SO CUTE.

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