11 February 2012

Not-really-snow day

Yesterday everyone was all in a panic because it was going to snow! In Rhode Island! In the wintertime! All the cat can ladies were stocking u, and one of the girls even switched her shift to tomorrow (ironically, now it's supposed to snow tomorrow too and probably worse). So I get up this morning, and what meets my eyes? Wet. Technically, yes, there is snow falling, but by the time it hits the ground it's just wet. And it's only 34F out, so it's not like the roads are frozen or anything either. We basically have glorified rain. Tomorrow says it's supposed to be below 28F and snowing again, so we may get actual snow tomorrow. Or maybe not.

The thing that annoys me is that the girl who moved her shift is the same girl I'm going to be buying a bale of hay from (YAY!!! I found someone local! And the hay is wicked cheap!). But, understandably, she doesn't want to pack the hay in her car with the inclement weather, so I have to wait for this storm to pass to get my hay. The boys are currently suffering with the pet store hay, which by all rights should just be called straw. It's so sad and pokey. :(

So yay that the roads aren't going to be bad as I drive to work momentarily, but boo to the weather which is not cooperating with my new awesome hay acquisition plan.

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