17 February 2013

Blizzard of '13

Last weekend there was a huge blizzard that broke a bunch of records. Sir (Daddy) had texted me and requested updates. I ended up making a blizzard album on Facebook that chronicled it. I figured it wouldn't hurt to replicate it here. And so I present, the Blizzard of 2013.

2/8/13 12:55PM: Lightly snowing, no snow sticking to the balcony yet.
2/8/13 2:05PM Starting to look more like a white-out. Snow is blowing sideways. Still not managing to stick much to the balcony.
2/8/13 5:20PM Almost dark now. A few inches has accumulated. Balcony is still miraculously clear. Seems like people are mostly obeying the edict to stay off the road.

The Governor of Massachusetts, and I believe of Rhode Island as well, issued a driving ban to keep everyone except emergency workers off the roads.

2/8/13 8:00PM Totally dark out. Snow is starting to make drifts because of the quantity + wind.
2/8/13 9:50PM It officially looks like a blizzard now. Snowflake size and quantity has increased. The wind is even more crazy than before.
2/8/13 11:50PM Much the same as before, except that the snow is getting deeper. Still too windy for any snow to accumulate on the balcony.
2/9/13 2:35AM *Yawn* Time for bed. Still snowing furiously. Hopefully tomorrow's pictures will be higher quality.
2/9/13 10:10AM Rise and....well, not shine, because it's still snowing.
2/9/13 10:10AM You may be able to see that the snow has come up to and covered most people's bumpers.
Delicious, delicious cinnamon rolls for the Blizzard morning.
2/9/13 12:30PM View of our parking lot as it gets plowed. Our car is the one three from the far end with the wipers up.
2/9/13 12:30PM Other side of the parking lot. Looks like the people who's balconies weren't being hit by the wind got a pile of snow on them.
2/9/13 5:00PM Snow piled up on the front of the car. It's so high because the wind caused big old drifts.
2/9/13 5:00PM Clear view down the street. There were so many people digging out/clearing off their cars.
2/9/13 5:00PM There's a planter under there somewhere...
We tried giving the boys some snow. I know this photo is blurry, but Neal was being so cute.
Mozzie trying the snow.
Neal trying the snow.

The day after the blizzard (most of the snow was on Saturday) Mike and I had to drive in to Boston to work at Speakeasy. There was a parking ban in effect so that they could properly plow the streets, but it was a mess. Most of the sidewalks hadn't been cleared, so people (including us) had to walk in the street. And the streets themselves weren't great. The main roads were drivable, but often there was only one lane where there should have been two. And the side roads clearly hadn't been plowed at all/since the snow had actually stopped.

2/10/13 9:15 AM Side road in downtown Boston. The blob in the middle of the road is a bunch of people trying to push a car that is stuck in the middle of the road.
2/10/13 9:15 AM Another side street in downtown Boston. Somehow I doubt these people will get tickets for violating the parking ban...

And that was the blizzard. It was kind of fun to be inside and cozy, not having to worry about the crazy weather outside. However, there is still a TON of snow everywhere, despite the relatively warm week we had. There are lots of places in Lowell where there is still too much snow in the street, either preventing two lanes, or parking. It makes driving a bit interesting, but it is loads better than right after the storm. We actually got a bit more snow last night, but just a dusting. Super windy out right now too. It amuses me that winter decided to show up in February.

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