20 February 2013

What do you do when you're stuck inside?

Sunday I blogged about the blizzard. Today I figured I'd blog about what I did during the blizzard. As you may or may not have realized, I'm on a bit of a knitting kick. Instead of working on my fingerless gloves, though, I decided to try out some random projects while we were snowed in. I had some leftover yarn from a couple of different projects that I put into use. The first things I made were two bibs for Parker.

I told Lilly that if the peach one was too girly she should re-gift it.

I made them using this pattern from Ravelry. The pattern calls for you to use the yarn doubled throughout, so for the one of the left I used two strands of a variegated cotton I had laying around and for the one on the right I used the white yarn from the boy's hats and the leftover denim colored cotton from my nook case. I think they turned out pretty nicely. I accidentally put the buttons on different sides of the work, but I don't think it makes much difference. For the peachy one, I also decreased the strap width by two more stitches before I knitted it to length, as the strap on the denim one seemed wider than necessary. I threw them both in a flat rate box Thursday and sent them off to Lilly. I hope she likes them!

Hardly a perfect specimen of knitting, but I still like it.
The other thing I made was a card cozy for my CharlieCard. I got the idea from this pattern on Ravelry, though that pattern uses smaller needles and a lighter weight yarn. It's not a traditional card case where you can open it up and access whatever cards are inside, but more of a sock that you sew it into. The pattern seems to imply to do the kitchener stitch on both ends, but I only did it on one so that if I ever need to get the card out, I don't have to destroy the knitting. The reason why it can be closed is because you never have to "swipe" a CharlieCard, you just tap it on a reader to add value or use it. In a little cozy, though, it is now easier to keep track of and, if I wanted to, I could hook it onto my key ring or carabiner. I haven't yet gotten a chance to use it in its new form yet, so we'll see if I actually like it or not. The cozy took me hardly any time to make, though, so I won't be heart broken if I hate it and end up taking it apart.

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