07 February 2013

Air popper!

If you know me at all, you know that I'm addicted to popcorn. I've gone through more microwave popcorn than I can account for. Mike and I have been thinking about getting an air popper for some time. We decided to use some of the Target gift card from Mum and Sir to get one. I'm super excited to start using it. We also got some Butter Flavored Popcorn Salt the other day that is totally going to make the popcorn even more delicious.

While I was a Target I also got this adorable pillow as a Valentine's Day present for the piggy boys. I've spent the rest of my day making delicious, delicious food (aka Chex mix and Toffee).

Last random thing, I usually don't like Mike's Mom's decorations, but she had the cutest salt and pepper holder. Made me wish I had access to a welding torch because it would be super easy to make.

Hi! Let me hold your seasonings for you.

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