28 January 2013

Outfit of the day!

This morning I had the first sitz probe for Turn of the Screw and then my second interview for Teavana, so I made an effort this morning getting dressed. It ended up snowing though, which made me kinda sad, but I survived.

I'm wearing: my Heritage sweater, a strapless tan dress from Wet Seal, thigh high navy socks, brown wedges, and my Roxy watch with the white strap. This plus my tan coat got me a lot of complements today. 
Pink Passion

After my interview I stopped into Target and got a couple of fun purchases. Namely, this bright pink blush from e.l.f and these awesome (wallet friendly!) notebooks. I was thinking about getting a moleskin, but theses were so fun and inexpensive. They seem like they should be rather durable as well. Another bonus is that the paper is from responsible sources and they used soy ink. I'm quite excited to use one for this show.
New York, Paris, London

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