21 January 2013

Coconut oil- dandruff cure?

My last blog post mentioned how I've been having an issue with my hands drying out in the wintertime. Well, another related issue is how my dandruff acts up a bit during the winter as well. Seeing as I'm required to wear black quite often for my job, this is a real problem. After a bit of poking around, I decided to do an oil treatment for my hair. Both coconut oil and tea tree oil are suppose to be good for getting rid of dandruff, so I heated up some coconut oil, put a few drops of tea tree in it, and slather it all over my scalp. An oil treatment is supposed to be good for the hair as well, so I made sure to spread a bit of the oil out to the ends of my hair. I looked like quite a crazy person though because I then proceeded to put a shower cap on over my hair and sit on the couch for an hour (with a Mozzie pig of course). It took two shampoos to get it all out and I honestly can't tell if it did much yet. We'll see. Another suggestion was to put some tea tree into your normal shampoo, which I think I will do.

Tomorrow I'm going to dye my hair so that I'm a red head again. Woohoo!

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