03 January 2013

Your Local Library

I made a trip today to my local library so I could get my library card! Turns out, the library is quite close (like, in nice weather maybe I'd walk close). It's a cool building too. Now, the one closest to me is the Powell-Lowell Memorial Library. It's part of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium, which is like the sharing system that Hawaii and Rhode Island have, but because Massachusetts is so big, they don't just have one for the whole state.

Me and my new library card!
My reasons for finally going and getting a library card were two-fold. I, of course, wanted to get one because I like being able to check out books in the state where I reside. But also, I wanted to be able to access their e-books for when I get my e-reader (it's only a matter of time!). I have access to the Rhode Island e-book site until my card comes up for renewal, but I figured two is better than one when it comes to places to check out books and that way it will already be set up when I can't use the RI site anymore. So now I have two working library cards!

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