31 December 2012

After-Christmas Shopping

I was very good and didn't go shopping the day after Christmas, but for reasons that will remain unspecified, I ended up with some credit at Khols that I needed to spend. The Target gift card from Mum and Sir was also burning a hole in my pocket.

At Khols, I got the item I'd come for, and then had about ten dollars left to spend. I wandered around for a while trying to find something practical to buy (slippers, towels, or something like that), but didn't really see anything I just had to have. And then I stumbled onto some super marked down clothing including this AMAZING motorcycle vest.

Now, I have wanted a faux leather motorcycle forever. But I've never been able to find one I loved in my price range. Well, I'm pretty darn excited about this vest because it looks so cool and was only $10.20 after all the discounts. There was a brown one too, but black seems like the better option, and it was also the only one I could find in my size.

The fun part is, you can zip it up like it is on the mannequin (and like it is in my first photo) or if it's really stinking cold, you can zip it all the way up (like in the second photo). In any case, I have a feeling it's going to be my new favorite piece of outerwear, though probably more once it's not quite as cold as it has been recently.

More "natural" looking, but still glittery
These two are surprisingly heavy.
There was a Michael's in the same lot as Khol's, so I decided to pop in there and see if there were any Christmas decorations I wanted to pick up for next year. I found a few cute little birds that I liked. Best part was, they were all less than a dollar.

Wire bin to hold crap- yay!
Finally, I went to Target. Mostly I went to scope out after Christmas deals, but I figured I'd also look around to see if there was any bigger stuff we'd maybe want to get with the gift card. I have one idea, but I'm not sure about it yet, so I'm gonna wait a little bit on it. Anyways, I did get one Christmas thing- white tinsel garland for the tree. It'll help it look more full next year and I got three for less than the normal price of one. I also picked up a loofah since mine had come apart. The front of the store suckered me in as usual and I got a wire bin to put all my craft stuff in. It had been sitting in a cardboard box which was just kind of sad looking.

And at Target, I found an inexpensive pair of slippers that I actually liked. They're slip on, have a nice thick sole, and are super warm and fuzzy. They seem like an excellent replacement for the pair I just had to throw away because the sole was coming apart and leaving little chunks everywhere. (Okay, I admit I didn't throw them away until we moved and I couldn't justify keeping them any longer.) It meant that the only slippers I had were some slipper socks from Forever 21 and they just aren't the same as a nice pair of real slippers.

That was my New Year's Eve so far and, I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it.

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