28 December 2012


Maureen got me some wool over a year ago (maybe two now that I think about it). It's died a lovely blue-green, but of course I never really did much with it. I did make the boys cute little hats, but that took hardly any of the yarn. Anyways, I started a scarf a long time ago, but just finally got motivated to finish it. And here it is!

I'd love to give credit where credit is do, but I can't remember for the life of me where I got it. The least I can do is post what I did.

Yarn: I have no idea what ply the yarn I used was. The original pattern called for a wool that was 3.5 oz./138 yrds or 100 g/125m. I used more than one skein (probably one and a third).

Needles: I used US 13 (9mm). The original pattern called for US size 10 (6mm) or larger.

- Cast on 20 stitches (I made it a bit wider and cast on 28 stitches).
- Knit 2 rows.
- Rows 1-2: K4, *YO, K2tog, K2*
- Rows 3: K all
- Rows 4-5: *K2, YO, K2tog*
- Row 6: K all
- Repeat rows 1-6 until desired length.
- Knit rows 1-3, knit one more row, then bind off
- Weave in ends, block if desired. (I did not, but blocking it would make it appear more lacy.)

It's a lace pattern which means it has little holes in it. I like it cause it's fancier than some of my knitted scarves, but still very warm because it's made of wool. I can't wait to wear it! The funny part is the color totally goes with the Pantone color of the year: emerald.

I can't decide whether to try wrist warmers next or a nice slouchy hat. Either way, I suspect I'm going to need to get some new knitting needles.

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