26 December 2012

Lush goodness

Christmas was very good to me this year. However, I got a present a few days before Christmas that actually made me really, really happy. It was a thank you from on of the actors in It's a Wonderful Life. What was it you ask? A whole bundle of beautiful products from Lush, all wrapped up in a handkerchief made out of recycled plastic.

Snow Globe
As you can't give Lush without giving soap, there were two kinds of soap: Snow Globe and The Godmother. Snow Globe I think it my favorite of the two. According to Lush's website, it's a blend of grapefruit, lemon and lemongrass oils, with a little ylang ylang oil thrown in. Those are some of my favorite scents for soaps and things so it just makes me superbly happy. The Godmother is an all pink bar and smells sweet like bubble gum and candy floss. Not quite as heavenly but still very nice and I'm very excited to use it as well.

Two of the things have already made it into my purse/onto my person because I love them so much. They are the Charity Pot lotion and Honey Trap lip balm. The Charity Pot is a delightfully moisturizing lotion with cocoa butter in the base, among other things. Lush says the scent is ylang ylang. It's quite strong and I haven't decided if I love it or not, but I do know I don't care enough to stop wearing it! My hands feel so good after using it, I don't care that the fragrance is a bit stronger than I like. I just have to be careful of putting it on when I'm around Mike. The best part is, the purchase of every Charity Pot goes to a specific charity, and the purchase of mine supports the Ancient Forest Alliance which I think is a great cause. The pot it comes in is also 100% recycled. And it now has a nice little home in the Clinique bag that is always in my purse.

The Honey Trap is a fabulous lip balm. Firstly, the tin is really cute, a nice flat shaped that sits really nice in my pocket, and it's easy to open (unlike other lip gloss tins I've owned). As to the contents, Lush says it's filled with toning sweet orange, cooling peppermint, rich honey, and melted white chocolate. All I know is that it feels great going on and smells good enough to eat. It has been living on my desk next to me or in my pocket ever since I got it. The best part is that I can put it on when it is cold, but it doesn't get too warm and melty when it's in my pocket.

Tiny Hands
The last thing that was in the handkerchief of joy was an item I have not positively identified. I'm pretty sure that it is the Tiny Hands moisturizing hand cream bars. It came wrapped more like the soaps, in paper, but had a sticker tag explaining massage bars. I don't think it's a massage bar (and not just because I think that would have been too awkward to get someone you don't know well). But the Tiny Hands have many of the same properties of the massage bars, and hey, the one I got is shaped like a hand! Though the one I got is more of a green color, which is part of the reason I'm still not positive. In any case, it does seem to be some sort of solid moisturizer, which is super fantastic. I've been wanting to get one for a very long time (and one of my next posts is going to be about my adventures with solid lotions). Once I find a good way to keep it somewhere, I'll definitely be using it a lot. It has creamy cocoa and shea butter, soothing argan oil, and aloe vera all of which are so good for my hands. :)

I may do a "Christmas Haul" post, but I just had to do a special one for all the Lush goodies I got.

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