14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mike kept walking when I stopped to take a photo.
Mike and I are not fans of Valentine's Day crowds, or really much of the Valentine's Day hullabaloo. So we decided to do our mini celebration a day early. That way we missed the V-Day crowds as well as the weekend crowd. We also chose a restaurant nice and close to home. We went to Beer Works Lowell. It's a brewery/pub type place with its own brewery on site. I went ahead and got one of the house brews. Mike was sad because they didn't have a full bar, only beer and wine. But we both got delicious burgers and fun fries (I got sweet potato and Mike did onion rings). It was very nice and laid back, which was exactly what we wanted. Best part was, we were home in plenty of time to catch Big Bang Theory and feed the boys their dinner on time. My lovely photo also shows all the snow piled up in their outdoor seating area. And that is after two days of 40 degree temperatures. (Oh yeah, I guess I should have mentioned the huge blizzard we had...)

Heart necklace, heart earrings, heart bracelets

Mirror pics are so classy.
I got into the spirit of things with my outfit last night, though I did make some compromises for the weather (I wore my all black Chuck's instead of heels).

I also did something a little different with my hair. I did a twist to keep my bangs up and out of the way, put half of my hair up into a little bun, and let the rest hang down loose. I didn't feel like putting all my hair up, so this was a cute and more special style than just doing it half up like I do so often.
Be my Valentine?

Once we were home, I took the time to do my nails. I did a riff on Kandee Johnson's Valentine's Day nails. The stripes on her nails were a bit much for me, so I just went with a simple, solid background and used her bobby pin trick to make the hearts. I think they turned out pretty well! I did yell at Mike though when he sat down on the couch next to me and started trying to hug me mid-heart. :/

Now I'm off to run some errands and then make Mike some Valentine's Day sugar cookies. I will of course post the results!

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