29 May 2013

Tea cozy! (And pedicures)

Mum knew I got a new (to me) sewing machine recently and was saying how it was sad because she'd never taught me how to sew from a pattern. We decided to do a small, easy project together while I was in Hawaii and went with a tea cozy, since it's fairly simple and definitely something I needed. We based the shape on the cozies she'd made for her own pots a while ago, but we made mine a tiny bit more rounded on top and slightly flared at the bottom.

First we cut out a pattern from her old cozy. We double checked that it would fit around the girth of my tea pot (she had the exact same one so we used it to measure). Then I had to pick out some fabric from the various fabrics she had in her scrap boxes. After much indecision (at one point we were thinking about using quilt squares that never made it into a quilt) we settled on a green tropical pattern and a light blue corduroy. I wanted use two cute fabrics, rather than just white muslin inside, so that it would be reversible. I foolishly didn't take any pictures while we were making it, but here is the finished product.

Cute tropical outside (modeled on Mum's tea pot)
Corduroy inside, with the tropical edging

We also went and got a pedicure. Mum got a super fancy pattern with lots of rhinestones. I got something simpler and not as bumpy.

Mum's toes- green torqouise color with black

My toes- coral with a black and white design
The sad thing was, we weren't even home and the big toe on my left foot got super smudged. I had to sort of repair it, and it doesn't look perfect, but it's a lot less obvious. They're still super cute though.

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  1. Mum and her minimum amount of 20 rhinestones per toe.