03 May 2013

Dry Shampoo Times Two!

Dry shampoo is one of my favorite things. Many people use it as an extra volume boost, but mainly I use it to help my second-day hair. My scalp and hair get angry if I wash it every night, so I usually do every other day. However, the second day, it can be a little greasy. For a while I just used baby powder as a dry shampoo, but I threw together a couple different kinds of shampoo recently that have been working quite well. One is a dry formula and the other is wet (which I guess means it's not technically dry shampoo?).

Dry Shampoo- Oatmeal
Ground oatmeal (I used a coffee grinder)
Baking soda
Cocoa powder

I can't say exactly how much of each I put it. It is mainly finely ground oatmeal, with a pinch of baking soda, and enough cocoa powder to color it. I'd been using this one for a while and am pretty happy with it. The container I have it in is a shaker, so I just shake it on, let it sit for a little while, and then comb it through to get any little oatmeal bits out.

Dry Shampoo- Wet
1 Tbsp cornstarch
4 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp rubbing alcohol

Mix together everything in a spray bottle. Shake before using (the cornstarch likes to separate). Comb through. Blow dry if necessary. I usually just let it air dry. I made this one after I cut my bangs. They are all crazy the second day and I need something to tame them back into place as well as de-grease them a little bit. This works perfectly. Lilly is actually the one who recommended this one to me.

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