27 May 2013

Winged Liner in Print

My recent interest in winged liner seems to be very on trend. In the May issue of Glamour, there were three different places I found winged liner featured. The first was an ad for Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil.

Drama, drama, drama
I love this image because not only do they use a full black wing, but also a teal wing on top for added drama. And I have to say, it's an excellent advertisement because it does make me want to try out the liner.

The next was a full page beauty shot about retro liner.

Simple and chic

The winged liner in this photo is very long, but not crazy thick, similar to how I did it the other day. I also love how simple they kept everything else in this shoot. The eye shadow is light and understated, as are her lips and cheeks.

Finally, they also had a Do's and Don'ts page about winged liner.

Hard to see so small, but there were two things I liked about a lot of these liner looks- First, there is a lot of indigo. Using color can be really fun and the dark blue keeps it classy and simple. Second, a lot of the wings are soft and wispy. While the retro look is fun and dramatic, making the wing a bit softer makes it much more wearable for daytime in my opinion.

Now I only wish I'd brought some liner with me so I could try some of these out!

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