29 June 2014

Favorite Things: Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply is my new favorite store. They have professional grade beauty products, including the Manic Panic that I've been using to dye my hair recently. Today, I swung by to pick up some manicure supplies in preparation for the special Fourth of July manicure I'm going to do and because they were having a huge sale. I got all the following items for only $12.06!

So many fun goodies!
The Sally Girl polish in the skull bottle was only $0.50. I may keep it for myself, but more likely I'll give it as a give to someone. The two Nina Ultra Pro polishes were two for $4.19 so I got Anaconda Liked It in addition to the Super Dry Topcoat which is one of the things I specifically needed. The two Sally Girl Mini Nail Polishes I got seem to be discontinued colors. They were $0.20 each; the one on the left is U Glow Girl and the orange one has no name! The little green device in the back is a Mini Eyelash Curler I got that was only $0.40. I figured it would be great for my make-up bag when traveling.

I was super excited to find the Beautique liners at Sally's because I'd randomly ended up with one of the eyeliners in black from a show and fell in love with it but had no idea where to buy it. They're fairly soft pencils and glide on in a really lovely way. I find it's the pencil I have the best luck with when trying to freehand a winged liner quickly. They were each only $2.19 so I picked up a lip liner in Real Red and two eyeliners in Brown and White. I just couldn't pass up trying the lip liner since I like the eyeliner so much, and the brown and white liners seemed like great colors and very versatile.

Anyways, I was super excited about all my finds and wanted to share! One thing to note about Sally Beauty is that they have a "Beauty Club Card" you can buy ($5 normally but sometimes they do promos and discount it- I only had to pay $2.50 for mine). It's 100% worth getting as it means everything is discounted with your card. You also get a $5 coupon when you sign up and a guarantee that they'll refund your membership fee if you don't save it over the course of the year. It is well worth it- I've probably saved over $10 at this point and I've only been a member for two months.

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