22 September 2014

Ion Color Brilliance: Take Two

Spurred on by how much I loved the Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Red this summer, I decided to try out the Magenta. Before I dyed my hair, though, I decided I need to take a bit of length off. So I ran to Supercuts, and got it cut.
Fresh cut hair, but not yet styled.
There are many reasons why I've been digging the Ion Color Brilliance Brights line, not the least of which is the fact that the color is cruelty free (in addition to be ammonia and peroxide free).

When I squirted it out of the tube, I could tell that the Magenta was different in more than just color. Colorwise, it was more purple-y than the Red had been. It also didn't stain random surfaces in the same way as the Red. It also rinsed out SO MUCH EASIER. Of course, this reduced pigmentation resulted in a much subtler color.

Not the best picture, but I was trying to get what it looked like under sunlight. (You can also see my purple scalp.)
 It doesn't have the punch of the Red, but my hair definitely looks dyed in the red/magenta family. It didn't do as good a job of covering the roots vs previously dyed bits to an equal intensity, but that's to be expected.

Indoor shot- this one shows the color a bit better.
I feel like the color looks a bit more red than either of these pictures show. I was a disappointed when I first did it, but it has been growing on me. It's not the crazy color I got before, but it's actually a really lovely color nonetheless. I can't decide if this makes me more or less hopeful to try the fushia or another similarly odd color. On the one hand, if they blend like this, then even if I don't love the color, it doesn't scream. On the other hand, I do want the option of crazy hair. I have another box of the Red already bought, so when this fades, I'll just have to decide it I want to do that again right away, or try the Fushia.

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