14 September 2014

Budget Haul: Amazon and CVS

I mentioned in a post that I'd ordered a bunch of body butter off Amazon. Well, I finally got to pick it up from the post office on Monday. It was a box of awesome.

That's a lot of body butter!
On top is Tree Hut's Shea Body Butter in Coconut Lime. From left to right on the bottom is Village Naturals Aromatherapy Energize Orange and Grapefruit Body Butter, C. Booth Olive Oil Body Butter, and Burt's Bee's Cranberry & Pomegranate Body Butter.

Never forget, I got all this body butter for $35. Ridiculous. I've been using the Tree Hut one so far, since there are three of those, and I've really been liking it. The texture isn't super smooth and the scent isn't quite as delightful as I could have hoped, but it is by no means off-putting. And none of that really matters long once you've put it on. And it certainly does the job of moisturizing! I'll report back once I've tried some more of them.

I also thought I'd share a couple things I got at CVS today. I needed some more face wash, so I got the CVS Oil Free Acne Foaming Scrub Pink Grapefruit, which is the generic brand of Neutrogena's Grapefruit Scrub. I've been wanting to try the Neutrogena one, and CVS usually does a pretty good job at duplicating products. I also got some CVS Exfoliating Apriocot Towelettes. They seem to be similar to the ones from Target that I love, but are more convenient to go get (and they were 50% off because they were the second CVS facial product I bought). I also found these really cool soaps that were on sale for 69 cents each. The brand is Yardley. They're a UK brand and seem kind of awesome. All their soaps are paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate free, as well as not tested on animals. I have a ridiculous stock of soap already, but I couldn't resist the draw of what seemed like really amazing soaps for such a crazy price. So I picked out the Yardely Soap Oatmeal and Almond and the Yardley Naturally Moisturizing Bar Lemon Verbena with Shea Butter.

I also went and found a bunch of fun stuff for sale at Michael's, but most of that is gifts, so I can't tell you about it!

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