27 September 2014

Saturday Shopping

It is slowly becoming habit that when I have an extra long break between shows, or between rehearsal and a show, that I run to a craft store and CVS. There is a Michaels and CVS just down the street from Stoneham Theatre, and a nice big Joann Fabrics and CVS about fifteen minutes away. Last week I picked up yarn for a few projects (at least one of which is a gift). This week I went more to browse, and got a few really fun things on sale at Joanns. I got this yarn on clearance for only $1.97.

You can never have too much 100% Acrylic, Super Bulky yarn, right?
I don't have any specific use in mind for it, but I liked the color, and Super Bulky weight yarn is nice to have on hand because you can whip it up into something really quickly.

I also got these amazing eye lashes to wear for Halloween. Well, probably actually the day before, since I work on the 30th, but not the 31st.

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet...

I realized when I took a picture, that I probably should have been more choosy when grabbing them off the shelf, as it looks like I may need to trim this pair, but I'm still super excited about them. They're freaking spider webs! You can find them on the Joann's website here. I also got a few other fall themed items, but they were gifts, so I can't tell you about them.

I then went to CVS and was a rockstar at working their coupons/extra bucks. Here's the bottom of my receipt:

That's right, I saved more than I spent! Everything I bought was either on sale or got hit with my 25% off coupon, and then I also had $5 in extra bucks.

Important fuel for the weekend.
All the Arizona teas were on sale 2/$1, which always makes me super happy. I bought some Dickenson's Witch Hazel, because I'm nearly out, and it's what I use as toner every night. It also happened to be on sale, which was awesome. And then lastly, I decided to put the extra bucks towards trying out a new hair product I've had on my wishlist for a while.

Love me some de-constructed style.
I got Garnier Fructis Style De-Constructed Move It Manipulating Gel (what a mouthful!). The description says it "gives you roughed-up looks with texture and body, that are not sticky, stiff, or weighed down. Rough up and texturize yourhair for 24 hour deconstructed style that looks done yet undone. Get touchable control with a subtle, satin finish and ultra strong hold." It got good reviews in something that I read (I want say it was Glamour) and since I'm usually going for a messy, textured look, it seemed like a good product to try. I'll report back later on how I find it. (And I promise I'll get around to doing review of the two Not Your Mother's products I bought a while ago.)

Now I think it's time for a nap and then the second to last performance of Doubt!

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