03 January 2016

Take a deep breath- the holidays are over!

Army of sugar cookies
I have been woefully absent from my blog of late. Fall and the holidays are always a busy time for me at work, but it was compounded this year by me having my most ambitious Christmas ever. I kept my self very, very busy. I'm going to do my best over the next week or so to blog about the highlights. But here's a quick list of all the things I did since the beginning of November:

Knit 13 projects from start to finish, completed my socks, and got over halfway through my arm warmers.

Sewed four Christmas presents- hand warmers for my Secret Santa (just like the one's I made last year), two guinea pig beds for the boys, and one cat bed for Slinky Cat. I also sewed the draft stopped I posted about.

Baked three pumpkin pies (two with regular crust, one with gingersnap crust), apple pie crescent roll bites, chocolate chip scones, snicker doodles, bourbon balls, sugar cookies (made a double batch of over 100), homemade hot chocolate, and [drumroll please] a Yule Log complete with meringue mushrooms. I also made Thanksgiving dinner for Mike, Thomas, and myself, as well as all the day to day cooking.

I did all my usual Christmas decorating and tree trimming. Tons of shopping and wrapping. Made one Pinterest inspired project as a present for my sister. Organized the Guinea Lynx Christmas card exchange. I did a photo shoot with the pigs and sent out almost 50 piggy adorned Christmas cards. And I'm sure lots more I'm not remembering at the moment.

Like I said, I kept myself very busy.

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