24 May 2012

Best haircut ever!

Super duper excited because yesterday I got my hair cut! After much debate on my part, these were the two pictures that I brought with me to give the hair stylist an idea of what I wanted my hair to look like.

 I took Jenn's advice and had Rebecca cut my hair and she did a simply amazing job. :) She knew exactly what I wanted and did a really great job of making it look good on me. And here's the cut!

This was after she styled it quickly with a curling iron to give it some texture. Normally, I'll scrunch it with mousse after I get out the shower and let it air dry. And here's a picture that shows the back sort of.

I'll post another picture after I wash it and everything, but I really really like it so far! I'm definitely going to redye it now too. Though it's funny, everyone has already been commenting on the color again now that it's shorter.

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