02 May 2012

Nothing much to report

We're still waiting for Mike to hear back from Olny (in Maryland) about whether or not he got the job down there. Currently, we're operating under the assumption that he hasn't gotten it. I gave my four-week notice at work on Monday and they were very sad.

I came on so I could show off two things. First, to further along my bathroom organization, the following:
I now have cute receptacle for my q-tips, cotton balls, and cotton rounds. The bucket was from Target and the jars are cleaned out candle jars.

Second and finally, I finally painted the birdhouse I got a few weeks ago.

 Annoying thing is that I was pretty good at not getting the trim colors. On the main part while I was painting it, but then when I put on the poly, the purple and green bled. :/ Not that it really matters, but it made me sad. Not sure where I'm going to put it, but at least it's not raw wood any more.

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